Installation and dismantling

Coupling installation

Pipelines assembled with the use of couplings must be proper;y installed, aligned and provided with supports (suspensions). Supports or suspensions must not be used for pipeline alignment in the points of connection.

It is not allowed to mount/dismantle the couplings on pipelines under pressure.

  1. Locate the coupling in the central point between the pipe ends.
  2. Insert the pipe ends into the coupling. Clearance between the pipe ends must not exceed the value stated in the coupling technical passport, as well as on the marking plate of the coupling. In case of large clearance between the pipes, vacuum, negative pressure (suction pipeline) overpressure the gasket must be installed between pipes.
  3. Locate the coupling on the joint and do the screws (bolts) manually, while alternating the screws (bolts) during their tightening.
  4. Do the screws (bolts) using the torque wrench to the given fastening torque stated on the marking plate of the coupling.

Dismantling of couplins

  1. Prior to dismantle the coupling make sure there is no pressure and fluid in the pipeline. Make sure the coupling is not used as a support for other pipes.
  2. Loosen the screws (bolts), but not completely.
  3. Bring the teeth out of engagement (for coupling with retaining rings).
  4. Relocate the coupling to one of the pipe ends.